Pure Stride Orthotic inserts
Pure Stride Orthotic inserts
Pure Stride Orthotic inserts
Pure Stride Orthotic inserts

PURE STRIDE Full Length Orthotics


Most foot pain is due to a structural problem with the foot in an abnormal position causing fatigue and then pain. Our inserts were designed by a foot doctor to control the foot with a deep semi firm heel cup . The key to any good working arch support is control of the heel. The PURE Strides, with their superior construction:
-Help control the heel
-Give firm but flexible support to the heel
-Have a heel spur accommodation
-Offload the metatarsals with a metatarsal pad
-Provides cushioning with a unique FOUR LAYER ZONED DESIGN
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With these design features in mind, the orthotics will have you moving pain free in no time and help prevent future foot pain. Our clinical physicians commonly dispense the inserts in their office for heel pain and prevention of future heel pain. Add the inserts to your relief arsenal to get better today!

Why should I purchase PURE STRIDE Orthotics (Science-y stuff)

Professional Orthotics help relieve common foot ailments such as: Heel Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs, and Metatarsalgia. Pure Stride Orthotics give quick pain relief in the arch, heel and metatarsals. Pure Stride Orthotics are made up of four layers to ensure comfort. The first layer is an anti-bacterial mesh, the second layer is a soft heat moldable EVA which helps cushion the foot, the third layer is a polypropylene shell and the fourth layer is a high durometer EVA. The heel area has a recessed 2 cm Poron layer to help cushion the heel.
Over the counter inserts have been around a long time. Most of these devices are flimsy contraptions that push up on the arch trying to control the foot or just barely cushion the foot with some sort of gel or foam. Worse yet are the liquid inserts that squish some type of fluid out of the way when you step on it. They promise the world and deliver on nothing, just like the snake oil salesman.

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