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REDI-THOTICS® ULTRA - Heel Pain Express
REDI-THOTICS® ULTRA - Heel Pain Express
REDI-THOTICS® ULTRA - Heel Pain Express


Redi-Thotics Ultra Orthotics

REDI-THOTICS® ULTRA orthotic offers rigid arch support to those 
with flat, flexible feet, or Hallux rigidus.

  • Ideal for medium and high arch feet.

  • Metatarsal support for ball of foot comfort.

  • Rigid support for problem feet.

  • Protects against heel strike, low back pain, and ball of foot pain.


Our feet are complex; they affect our overall body health and comfort. Research shows that 8 in 10 people have foot problems.

Redi-Thotics ULTRA Diagram


REDI-THOTICS®  ULTRA have double density construction for better flexibility. A unique Pedura™ cushioning foam is used for the top and bottom layers, with a rigid arch support sandwiched in between to give better control, comfort and stability for sport and active lifestyles.


REDI-THOTICS® ULTRA uses a rigid arch support for better fitting for medium to high arches. This embedded arch support is contoured to cradle the medial and lateral arches where extra support is needed. The rigid support offers the proper control to reduce medial and lateral instability.


REDI-THOTICS® ULTRA applies an innovative Barretex™ Anti-Bacterial top cover that "breathes" circulating air throughout the shoe to ventilate the foot with each step.

The Barrettex top cover wicks away moisture while maintaining a soft upper for extra comfort and dryness.

 Redi-Thotics Comparison Chart