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Platinum PackageThe platinum package is a combination of our very best products to treat your heel pain. Included in this package:
  • Ortho Heal - Immediate Daytime Relief
  • Dorsal Night Splint - Immediate Night Time Relief
  • Ortho X Pain Cream - Immediate and long term pain management
  • ELITE FEET Orthotics - Long term foot pain relief
  • Ortho Sock - Compression and swelling

These doctor recommended products are used daily to treat heel pain across the nation. We put this combination together to help people know what they need to alleviate their heel pain, plus buying together saves an awesome 30% off the total purchase price when bought separately.  This cost savings bundle will help prevent lost days of work and co-pays at the office. How much is it worth to get out of heel pain today. Make your purchase and start feeling better now.

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Gold Heel Package


The Gold Package contains all you need for your immediate heel pain relief: 

Ortho Heal - Immediate and long term daytime relief

  • Ortho X Pain Cream - Immediate and long term pain management
  • Dorsal Night Splint - Night time relief

Our clinical advisers will tell you, the day and night relief is great with the Ortho Heal and Night splint. Adding the pain cream in with a good stretching program is critical to your heel pain relief. The 20% costs savings of buying these items together is a benefit you cannot pass up. Purchase this package and get the results you are looking for. Start saving money and time today with heel pain relief.

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Silver Heel Package

The Silver Package gives you the basics needed to provide you immediate heel pain relief. Included in the package is:

  • ORTHO Sock - Immediate day time and night time management of pain and swelling
  • Ortho X Pain Cream - Immediate and long term pain management
  • Gel Heel Cups - Immediate daytime relief.

The plantar fascial sock and gel heel cup combination help control the foot while providing compression to the area of pain. The heel cups cushion that bruised feeling in the heel and provide lift to shorten the pull on the Achilles tendon, which decreases heel pain symptoms. Adding the Ortho X pain cream in multiple times a day will treat the area of inflammation to help alleviate overall pain. The triple therapy regiment with a 10% cost savings will help you start getting better today.

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