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Ortho X Pain Cream - Heel Pain Express
Ortho X Pain Cream - Heel Pain Express
Ortho X Pain Cream - Heel Pain Express

Ortho X Pain Cream

Ortho X pain relief cream uses the highest quality, best working ingredients including natural Arnica, Aloe, Green Tea, Eucalyptus, and Willow, to deliver you long lasting, deep pain relief. Also contains small amount of Menthol and Camphor to provide immediate cooling and soothing relief to the affected areas. With Ortho X, you can target your pain deep into the muscles and joints for immediate and long lasting relief. You can combine our pain relief with other therapy aids you may be using, including other gels and ointments, wraps, pads and pillows, support belts, and any other pain relief aids. Ortho X Pain Cream is also Paraben Free, produced in a FDA certified Lab in the U.S.A. We offer an 100% guarantee that you will love our product, and if not, return for a full refund.

Why do I need Ortho X Pain Cream

Foot pain and plantar fasciitis can severely disable someone from their daily activities. We have found bracing, stretching and the addition of a topical pain cream to be highly effective in helping to alleviate foot pain quickly. Most over the counter pain creams freeze the pain but do not help alleviate the deep throbbing pain most people encounter.  The Ortho X pain cream is physician designed with a proprietary blend of natural botanicals to ease inflammation and pain.

This cutting edge formulation is superior to the tired pain creams of the past that hide the pain with a lot of strong smelling menthol. The powerful, concentrated cream requires only a small amount applied to the area to ease the pain to a body part. Ortho X pain cream can be used on multiple areas of the body for added relief thereby making it useful for a first line choice when in pain. Doctors’ offices dispense this cream daily to their patients. Save your copay and start getting pain relief without a visit to the doctor today! Your relief is a click away.

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