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Got Heel Pain? Let's review the Ortho Heal, pneumatic day brace for plantar fasciitis.

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A new product we really like is the Ortho Heal. This is a day brace that you wear in your shoes while working, exercising, or running errands. It has an air bladder that supports around the areas of heel pain.


The brace is made out of comfortable spandex and is easy to wear.


Patented pneumatic air chambers surround the painful areas, cushioning each step, and providing a massaging effect to the affected areas. The brace comforts you while on your feet, limiting pronation and helps stimulate the healing process. The brace helps to align the heel to its natural position to reduce stress on the fascia during the day and let the stretching excercises work.


Wearing the brace feels like walking on memory foam, but not on the painful areas. The pressure is relieved due to the shape of the air bladder. I was no longer putting all my weight on the most painful part of my heels, as they were cushioned by the memory foam and air in the bladder.

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We think this brace is a tremendous value based on what it does for your quality of life, as well as healing your plantar fasciitis.

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